Jewelry Marketing

Jewelry Marketing

" just makes so much sense... so with those numbers we're making about $140 for every dollar spent on advertising? that's great..." "...30 appointments booked in the past ... week and a half..." "...did you see our video has over 100k views!?..."

Sell Jewelry Authentically and Predictably

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Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google Adwords, Commercial Content Creation, Sales Funnels Design and Optimization, Marketing Management,
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Independent Jewelers, Aspiring Jewelry Brands, High End Custom Jewelers
What They Say
" just makes so much sense... so with those numbers we're making about $140 for every dollar spent on advertising? that's great..." "...30 appointments booked in the past ... week and a half..." "...did you see our video has over 100k views!?..."
...I grew up in the jewelry industry, and I got started by helping out our family store then expanding to help other jewelers who had the same problems: spending too much time trying to figure things out, juggling a thousand things at once...

The Proudest a Son Could Be

When you grow up in your mom's jewelry store, you don't just see things from an employees perspective, you get to hear and know everything that frustrates and annoys the owner. It could be employees, or the day to day grind of trying to make enough to stay afloat, or even a recent break in - and I saw the real background of it all. Being a jewelry business owner isn't always glamorous - it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, much more than most people realize.

Because of that, I knew that when it came time to push our store to the next level, we wouldn't be able to rely on all of the 'techniques' and 'templates' that were being passed around the jewelry industry from one company to another. We know hundreds of jewelers and store owners, and everyone said the same thing "we've tried what the experts have said and just don't get the marketing results we want". And to be honest, there really isn't a whole lot of great information when it comes to how to market your jewelry store properly - so, like most jewelers, we felt like we were flying blind when it came to digital marketing.

The real change came when we finally took the leap and decided that we would stop listening to traditional jewelry marketing experts and forge our own path using a custom combination I'd learned over my 6 or so years as a video marketer, and our inside knowledge of the jewelry industry. It took some. figuring out, and we spent months and months and thousands of dollars trying one thing after another, but eventually success started, and then it didn't stop - and it hasn't since.

Since we pulled away from the crowd and took control of our own marketing, we've been able to create a simple system that has allowed us to predictably generate high end clients. We don't guess anymore, we have all the numbers and data and can pinpoint exactly whats working and whats not. And best of all, our store is making more money than it ever has (broke that 7 figure a year mark!) and we're spending less and less time at the bench! We've been able to increase our average order value and get lifelong customers. The statements from my mom that have made me the most proud are, "my bank account has never looked this good, " and, "I can finally go on vacation and visit the kids whenever I want to." If those are statement you'd like to make, I'd love to talk to you about making that a reality.

From Jewelers Son to Chief Creative Officer

I've been doing commercial advertising for a number of years now. It really began while I was living in Germany as a way to supplement my income while I was working with refugees, but then as time moved on, and I got more and more clients, shot more videos, handled more accounts, and they started liking what they saw I eventually was taken onto a team of high end entrepreneurs for a social media company as their 'Chief Creative Officer' which basically means: if you see it, I made it. We work together fleshing out intricate, multiple-level marketing campaigns, gaining customers, increasing ROI and building a world class product. We are a results focused team that thrives on data, but we also understand that creativity and understanding your market makes the real difference. When you talk to me about "marketing" you can be confident I know what I'm talking about. My team and I have worked with names like Netflix, Morrell, New Balance, Milwaukee, Brooks, Dunkin' Donuts, and many many more that you've likely heard of. And as you read above, it's that expertise, combined with a unique hands on background in the jewelry industry, that has allowed my family's store to thrive and beat every benchmark we previously had - and we can do the same for you.

So if you're a jewelry business, how would I help you?

Marketing, especially in 2021, is intricate. It's delicate. It's also now, more than ever, important to truly understand where your customers are coming from so you can serve them well. That's what marketing is: providing opportunities for people to be served by you. But that kind of marketing is just "good." To be great, it has to also meet YOUR goals. It can't be just results oriented, it also has to take into account that a store owner/ employee is a real person who doesn't have hours and hours a week to dedicate to marketing. So we've tuned our process to meet these goals:

  • Spend as little time as possible marketing
  • Increase overall average order value
  • Retain customers for multiple years to ensure a higher lifetime value from each customer
  • Increase time away from the business
  • Create a unique and memorable customer experience that's worth talking about
  • Break every financial goal you have in the shortest timeframe possible

Now i'm not going to lie - figuring out how to hit the above goals was not easy. Like i said, there's not a lot of information about how to do that - which is why we had to create our own process from scratch. But those goals were worth hitting for us, so we put in the time. Now, you don't have to - we just apply our process to your business.

And to be honest, there's no real secret to it. I'm not some guru or a marketing prophet or anything like that. It's just that we've spent the years and put in the time to figuring this out. If you had years and years and years and just one aim, wouldn't you do the same? But likely, you don't have that much time, you don't want to read hundreds of books, spend tens of thousands on courses and work with companies all over the world just to figure this out. You have other things to take care of.

...And to be honest, there's no real secret to it. I'm not some guru or a marketing prophet or anything like that. It's just that we've spent the years and put in the time to figuring this out...

You can do this too - and I'm sure of that because it hasn't only worked for our store. We've applied the same process to other businesses in the South, in the Rockies, In New England, the PNW, Canada and every single one is one track to beat every benchmark they've set before. E-commerce, non-e-commerce; it doesn't matter. This process works. It works for multibillion dollar companies, it works for our little store with 3 employees, and it will work for your business too.

Just Do It

If there was one thing I could teach an aspiring jeweler who's not quite sure whether to jump into marketing or not it would probably be this: Just do it.

Nike was right. Just do it. The only way to learn or to get better at something is to fail, so go out there and get your first F as soon as your possibly can. I can proudly say that over the years in jewelry marketing I've gotten plenty of F's and I wear each one as a badge of honor. Each time you try something, put your efforts out there, and they don't work - you learn something. And failure is a much better teacher than success. I believe you can do this, all it takes is dedication, a mindset that never gives up, and the willingness to see your goals met because -trust me - you will meet them.

When you're ready to change the way you do business, schedule a call or reach out to me through this site or on social

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