Better done than perfect?


In fact I believe that so much that I'm telling you this: this site isn't even finished yet. But its more important that it works than that it is perfect.

Time is too precious to spend 80% of your time on the remaining 5%. You might disagree with that idea, believing that its excellence which truly stands out, and while we all love perfect things, we don't live that way. Every year the "best car of the year" is improved. Every day, the "worlds hottest model" has to work out. And we're in that same boat :) This is an idea I used to push up against, A LOT, but since changing my mind on it, i've grown through failure much more than I could have through wasting time not getting out there and trying.

So yes I have many blog posts that I'm excited to write about, but here's to unfinished articles that

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