From missionary to jewelry marketer¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"The jewelry video guy" is normally what I get called right now, but it wasn't always that way - nor will it be.

The goal in all that I do is simple: helping those in need with what I have.

Right now, it's jewelers; they happen to need someone with my skills. Before it was Syrian Refugees in Berlin. And soon it will be those stuck in human trafficking.

My favorite web design tool is Webflow, I'm team Sony when it comes to cameras, edit on Premiere Pro and color with Davinci Resolve.

I'm married to a beautiful girl from Hawaii and we love bouldering with our friends out here in sunny Seattle.

I know a thing or two about

Video (01)

Since I was a kid, i'd always opt for making a video instead of any other kind of project. What was once just fun is now my way of giving back, expressing myself, and telling the stories of those who ask.

Marketing (02)

From raising 80k for my own missionary journey, to helping my family's jewelry store get new appointment after new appointment, to being the CCO for a blooming social tech company, it's always the same question, "how do we get the people who care to do something about it?"

Web Design(03)

Guess who made the site you're on now ;)
I started on squarespace, then moved to wix, then to wordpress, and now I'm team webflow. Building websites that get the job done is what I do best. It helps to understand the 2 things above quite a bit as well - welcome to the 1 stop shop.
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Borderland Sunsets
Courtney Davis Photography
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Here are some of my instagram

Annelina Waller
The First Jewelrylapse
Citizen Watch Co.
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What you do and sell helps people.
Marketing done right gets people the help they need. Let's meet some needs together.

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